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    Adobe Acrobat Standard DC "Not Responding"

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      I work in an environment where a handful of our users use Adobe Acrobat Standard DC. They are on version 2019.008.20081. The issue that occurs is that while using Adobe, the program ends up "not responding", and they are forced to close the pdf, and reopen it. It seems it just started after this most recent up

      It's not during a certain task, sometimes it's immediately after opening a pdf, others it's after a period of time, or while trying to print.

      The environment varies, but it's between Windows 7 64 bit, and Windows 10 64 bit.

      I've attempted to uninstall/reinstall cleanly on a couple of the machines. I've attempted the "repair installation" on a couple of the machines.

      I'm not entirely sure what else to try in regards to this. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions to this?