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    newObject("LoadVars") ... possible?

    dsdsdsdsd Level 1

      I am attempting to use flash's loadvars object to send info from SW to a website;
      I do have the flashasset.x32 in my modify/movies/xtras list with 'download if needed' checked;

      I have:

      lvor_lv = newObject( "LoadVars" )
      lvor_lv.a_var = "a_value"
      lvor_lv.send ( "https://www.a_website.com" , "_blank" , "POST" )

      any thoughts as to why this would not work?

      if I put this code in a flash movie, it works fine;

      also, regarding the use of newObject, I have successfully:
      myNewFlashObject = newObject("Array", "apple", "orange", "banana")
      myNewFlashObject.push( "junkfood" )
      alert "4 : " & myNewFlashObject.length
      alert "junkfood : " & myNewFlashObject[3]