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    Flex 3 Migration Problems

    3leggeddog Level 1
      Hi -

      We are having significant problems after migrating between Beta 3 and the GA release. Differences in the accordion component, comboboxes, spacing, control focus, etc. Has anyone else had these problems?

      Is there a list of the things that changed between Beta 3 and the final release?


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          peterent Level 2
          What problems specific problems are you having?
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            This application is somewhat unusual in that we dynamically create components in accordance with a user defined XML file. We switched from BETA 3 Milestone 4 to the new released GA version of Flex. The anomolies that we are seeing are in multiple areas. The most evident are in the initial creation of widgets. We use an Accordion component and programatically introduce child panels with textboxes, comboboxes, etc. The comboboxes are tied to ArrayCollections dynamically derived from web service calls. Everything worked fine in BETA but when we switched, all hell broke loose.

            1) The Headers for the 2nd Accordion panel (there are two total) is now off the screen
            2) There now appears a vertical scroll bar, where there was none in the BETA version
            3) When attempting to select the 2nd panel, via the header, it does not open the panel the first time. Disappears from view and we have to scroll down to it and click the header again, at which time it now selects the 2nd panel appopriately.
            4) There are items in the comboboxes, but when I click tje button to expose the dropdown the program starts behaving erraticly. It will select another item, but the response becomes extremely slow and eventually memory usage goes way up, the fan comes on and the screen will eventually lock up
            5) On the comboboxes which I have a typeahead programmed (after 3 characters the component automatically calls a web service to provide content via a database call). The content comes back, but the behavior is different than it was during BETA. It should display a dropdown list allowing the user to choose the corect content. It now selects the first item in the list and does not display the dropdown.

            The behavior that I am seeing is different across the board, from BETA to the new release version. It often ends up in some race condition where it eats up memory and eventually stops responding and needs to be force quit.
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              bryan_blackman Level 1
              We have a delivery date of next week and with the issues that we are seeing, it isn't reasonable to expect that I will be able to figure out all the differing issues in a day or two. We have already paid or the Flex 2 and the Flex 3 GA version upgrade licenses. Is there any way that we could enable the Milestone 4 BETA SDK (extend the cutoff date) for just another week or two allowing us to meet our delivery deadline without having to reconcile this major issue. Can't a 1 time exception be made? That would a least allow us to meet our delivery deadlines without having to debug, chnage and retest 6 months worth of code.
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                peterent Level 2
                What type of support plan do you have? You can open a ticket by calling 1-866-335-2256 or sending an email to otsupp@adobe.com.

                We have not heard any reports of this type of issue happening with other customers. There is nothing like this in our bug base that I can find. A support specialist might help you solve the problem quickly without having to revert to any previous version.

                From what I have been able to find out, changes of the magnitude you describe were not introduced between Beta 3 and GA. It was really just extra QA passes, final modifications to Flex Builder. I don't think the SDK was hardly touched.

                Which leads to another possibility. You have the ability in Flex Builder 3 to use multiple SDKs. The SDKs are not licensed. You can change the project's properties to use the Beta 3 SDK. Give that a whirl first.
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                  bryan_blackman Level 1
                  We recently purchased the upgrade. I don't know if there was a support obligation attached to that. I believe it was the base upgrade.

                  What you are suggesting regarding using the BETA SDK is what I was referring to. Yesterday I attempted to configure the BETA SDK to run under the current GA version and it seemed fine until I tried to perform a clean build, at which time I got a BETA Expired message. The extension I was referring to was the ability to run the BETA version, as a subordinate SDK under the GA version with Adobe allowing this BETA SDK to be used to compile without getting the Expired mesage. That would solve our immediate dilema, at least for now. We would still need to resolve our issues down the road, but it would allow us to meet our immediate delivery obligations.
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                    3leggeddog Level 1
                    Hi Peter -

                    We have not yet been able to address all of the issues that we see when compiling against the GA version of the SDK - there are many. I know that your developers swear that nothing changed between the Beta 3 SDK and the GA version, but one merely needs to compile against one or the other to see the problems. I would be happy to do a LiveConnect session with you and one of your developers so that you can see what I mean.

                    In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate getting an "unrestricted" Beta 3 version of the SDK (both Mac and Windows) so that we can continue to compile without having to set the clock back. That would, at the very least, allow us to release a final version to our client while we work out the GA issues (hopefully with Adobe's help). It is our intent to get on the GA version as soon as that is possible.

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                      peterent Level 2
                      The easiest thing to do is open a support ticket. We really can't help without going that route. We need to schedule your support request and requirements with other customers' requests. The support team will be happy to assist you if you have a valid support agreement or have contacted Adobe sales about getting an agreement. We can also do a single-incident (although I do not know what that fee is). The support team can help you determine that.