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    Always allowing Flash to run on ALL sites (Chromebook)

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      I've had this problem for a few months now. I want to allow Flash to run on all the sites I go on WITHOUT having to click on the "allow Flash to run" button because either it refreshes the page in the middle of something important I'm doing or it just doesn't work. A few months ago I could go onto any site and Flash would run automatically. Now, I have to make sure that I hit "allow Flash to run" so I can use the site. I tried to change my settings, but my only options are "Ask first" and "Block all sites." Please help. I just want Flash to run normally and without having me telling the computer it's ok to run it. I just want it to run automatically for every single site I go on.

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          This is a recent change designed to make Flash irritating to use. (It's called "friction"). The plan is to make it ever more irritating in the lead up to 2020, when it will be removed completely. The idea is to encourage you, the end user, to irritate the person who is still making Flash sites, to encourage them to convert as soon as possible to use something else.


          Note: the change is made by Google as part of Chrome in this case. It is not a decision made by Adobe, or something they could change.

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            maria__ Adobe Employee

            OP is correct.  Everything your experiencing is Chrome-driven and not related to Flash Player.

            As of Chrome 69 (September release):


            Non-Persisted HTML5 by Default (Target: Chrome 69 - September 2018)


            Sites using Flash will require explicit permission to run, every time the user restarts the browser.


            Require affirmative user choice to run Flash Player content, without that choice persisting across multiple sessions.

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            See Google's Chrome Flash Roadmap - The Chromium Projects for more information.