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    Filters changed?

    Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

      Using Stock today noticed that I no longer can find the option to filter image types by photo, vector or illustration.

      If that's unclear I mean I can no longer filter the search results to show only vector images, or only illustrations, or only photographs.

      Is this a glitch?

      Please don't tell me this filter has been removed.

      I fear I might get banned for saying mean, non-pc things about Adobe if they indeed removed the ability to filter images in this way.

      PLEASE.....I don't want to bad:(   I want to be good.


      UPDATE:   It seems the filtering is just a little glitchy.  I went back the stock page and the "subcategory" filters were there.  However when I clicked on one of them they vanished again.  So.....it's just a technical problem...not a mental problem.

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Paul,


          Sorry to hear that you are facing issues while filtering your search results on Adobe Stock website.


          I have tried to filter my search results and did not encounter any issues when distinguishing between vectors and JPEGs as shown in the screenshot


          Also, the new serach options on Adobe Stock are as follows:

          Find Similar Controls: The Find Similar control takes input directly from a user to understand what aspects of an image they want to focus on and what they want to see more of.  When a user drags/uploads an image, or enables the ‘find similar’ feature, they will have the option to choose ‘find similar’ components such as content, colour, composition to further refine their search results.

          Copy Space Filter: This filter allows users to fine-tune search results with copy space.

          Rush Integration for MOGRTs: Online creators will be able to access Motion Graphic templates within Rush to create titles, transitions, infographics, backgrounds easily to create professional videos. Users will be able to reduce time spent previously designing titles and animations when developing and creating professional videos.

          8 Million Video Assets: Adobe Stock now has 8 million assets available across a variety of video collections/topics and Motion Graphic templates.

          More Premium Content: You will have access to stunning trending content assets across images, video and templates from the industries best, including Showtime, GoPro, among many others.

          Check out the link: https://helpx.adobe.com/stock/help/using-adobe-stock-website.html


          Could you please provide some screenshots of the result which you get so that we can reproduce the issue?




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            Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional



            Thanks, for your response.  It seems to have been a temporary glitch either in the web page or in myself.

            Regardless, I cannot reproduce the problem.  Everything seems to be fine now. 

            BTW the new "Find Similar" functions are brilliant and very smart.

            I've been wishing for this feature in Bridge for a long time.  To be able to search based on color & composition.  Fantastic.

            I wish this feature would come to bridge so I can search my own asset library in this way.


            Anyway, Thanks again


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              EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

              Hi P.B.,


              I'm not sure what happened when the filters weren't working for you but if it happens again please update this thread. I passed your feedback about "Find Similar" to our feature team and they were happy to know how delighted you are.


              Regarding your suggestion for the Bridge team. You can submit your wish here: Feature Request/Bug Report Form



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