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    Adobe Flash Player PPAPI



      Today I've found Adobe Flash Player version on my Google Chrome browser.

      I haven't founfd any information about this version. No release notes, no announsments.


      But in programs and features menu and in registry I see Adobe Flash Player 31 PPAPI

      There is no footprint about Adobe Flash Player PPAPI except info in browser.


      Where can I find any info abou release?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Flash Player was released earlier this morning.  The Release Notes haven't been posted yet, but should be posted shortly.

          The security bulletin is available at Adobe Security Bulletin


          Google embeds Flash Player in Chrome and updates it separately from Adobe.  The entry in Programs and Features menu is for the Flash Player PPAPI plugin you install manually, not the one embedded in Chrome by Google.  Note that if Chrome is the only Chromium-based app that you use there is no need to install Flash Player PPAPI plugin separately.  Also, Chrome only loads the most recent version of Chrome, either the embedded version, or the manually installed version, whichever is most recent is the one Chrome will load.