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    Vector shapes

      Can anyone tell me how to import EPS/AI images to Director and end up with a Director vector shape.

      Apparently it used to be done with the Xtra PS2VS (Moshofsky/Plant) and also someone called Valentin Schmidt had some script based improvements.

      BUT all these seem to have disappeared into the ether. All links seem to go nowhere.

      I know that I can export/import swf files but I don't want to do this for various reasons

      I am using Diector MX 2004 and Illustrator 9

      Does anyone a) know how I can achieve the import of vector shapes from EPS/AI files nowadays
      b) it have a copy of any of the above mentioned items they could let me have
      or c) tell me where I can get something to do this

      All help will be most appreciated