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    Manage menu buttons

      I am writing a flex 2 that will require a user to interact with a gui. This gui will display different buttons based on what the user selects in the same container. I was initially trying to hide and display the buttons based on visibility attribute, but if two buttons occupy the same space neither of them display.

      There must be a better method, my only thought was states. Any suggestions?


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          SujitG Level 2
          states is a good option. You can try using layout containers and while setting the visibility of the button to false, also set the the includeInLayout to false. By setting in the includeInLayout to false, the layout container will make sure the component is not included while laying out the components in the container.

          Hope this helps.
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            mrigor Level 1
            SujitG thanks for the response. Your idea is what I needed. Having not used states yet, I was a little daunted to dig into a whole new area for a simple application. Thanks again,