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    Acrobat Pro X PDFMaker add-in failing to load with Office 365

    JMLansdell Level 1

      Our client has several users running the same setup, using Acrobat X's (10.1.16) PDFMaker add-in with their Outlook, all of which running the latest version of Office 365 for their Office product.


      We have one user who has just recently started having issues. When we attempt to re-load the add-in, after adding it anew and attempting to check as active, and re-launch Outlook, the add-in fails to load with the following load behaviour; 'Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in.'


      We are taking the add-in DLL from the default install path for Adobe X; c:\program files (x86)\adobe\acrobat 10.0\pdfmaker\mail\outlook - and have tried the generic office DLL in pdfmaker\office as well.


      Office had recently updated for these users, so I tried rolling back to 16.0.11001.20064 (32-bit) which made no impact. I also tried a fresh reinstall of Acrobat to re-create the PDFMaker DLLs, which also made no impact.


      I am first trying to discern whether or not using this version of Acrobat's PDFMaker with Office 365 is supported - and what our option would be if it is not. I'd also be very interested in discerning why this has yet to break for any of our other users running a near-identical setup as well.