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    Duplicate photos saved

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      I'm confused as to why I have just discovered that I have a tonne of duplicated files on my Mac. However, duplication ceased in December 2017.


      My process for saving photos:

      1. Create a folder in 'Documents'
      2. Save RAW photos
      3. Import into LR
      4. Move to external hard drives when editing complete & update file location


      In 'Pictures' I have all my RAW files from 2015-2017 despite them having been saved in 'Documents' and subsequently moved to my external hard drives.


      Is anyone able to confirm why this has happened? I certainly haven't changed any settings myself for this to stop happening from 2018 which is why I'm even more puzzled. I was thinking that maybe it was a default setting in LR and with an update it has changed...?


      Any help is much appreciated.


      Kind regards


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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          My one thought is that, in time past, the Import was set to "Copy" and photos in the Document folder were copied to the Pictures folder (usually the default for Lr).

          This would be unusual though as Lightroom would have then been referencing the files in the 'Pictures' folder. Although you could still move the files from "Documents" using Finder and update the file location to the External drive, IF the files are identical names, etc.

          So, basically, no explanation from me.

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