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    Clone and Heal problem


      When I use Lightroom CC clone/heal, it seems to  work on the problem spot but a dark circle remains on the photo afterwards where the cloning or healing happened. How can I fix this problem?



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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Prentiss,


          Sorry to hear about the Clone & Heal issue with Lightroom, could you please let us know the exact version of Lightroom you're working on? & what operating system are you using?


          Have you tried turning off the Graphics processor from the Lightroom preferences? Go to Lightroom > Preferences >Performance tab > Uncheck GPU > Restart Lightroom.



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            prentissf98281851 Level 1



            Thanks for your response,


            The problem with clone and heal happens in Lightroom CC. I have the Windows 10 operating system.


            What happens is after using the  clone function I am left with a circle within a square on the screen in the area where spot removal was done.


            I checked and the graphics processor is turned off in Lightroom CC..


            The clone and heal problem does not happen in Lightroom Classic CC.


            Do you have  any further suggestion on how  I might fix the problem with  clone and heal in Lightroom CC?