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    Not exactly 16:9 ratio?

      My video camera supposedly produces a 16:9 aspect ratio, but after creating an avi file, and then importing the movie into Flash, using Robert Reinhardt's aspect ratio tables I still see a thin black line at the top and bottom of the screen.

      The size I want to use from Reinhardt's table is 512x288...but I my original video looks more like 512x280 (thus the small black bars at top and bottom of screen).

      Anybody know what's going on here? I can't really see any loss of quality by straying a little from the exact 16:9 ratio.
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          funkysoul Level 4
          The issue there is that normally camera produce an overhead around the actual content, normally you shoot content for showing on a TV set and there you need to be aware of the safe frames, everything outside of the safe frames might not be shown on a TV set..
          Today you need to crop the black borders out in your editing tool to get rid of them.When using Premiere, you can easily crop that bit out in the output panel.
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            windowman Level 1
            Try 519x288 instead and see if that works.

            You're probably using a regular miniDV cam in standard def but at a 16z9 ratio. Those are rectangular pixels rather than the square pixels your computer screen is using. I was just explaining this to someone else here, but if you wanted square pixels of pictures or flash movies to fit onto a standard def wide screen format the ratio would be 864x480 or thereabouts. This is expressed as 1.8 (when divided the height by the width). Hi-def cams use square pixels though and in that case you'd get a number of 1.77 when doing the same division. Divide 16 by 9 and you'll get 1.77.