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    Equal spacing, equal number of anchor points on strokes for smooth blending

    MikeMorton Level 1

      Today I had a question about using the blend tool to create a smooth blend. Basically I had a smaller circle within a triangle (stroke only). I found out with the help of this super helpful community that it was because of the number of anchor points within the path. (Triangle had 3 anchors, circle had 4) with help, I was able to create a 3 anchor point circle which blended perfectly with a triangle. Now I'm wondering.. when I create a more complex shape (maybe 10-12 anchor points, and want to blend it with another shape, maybe with 3 anchor points... I'd have to add extra anchor points to help create a nice transition between line strokes. Is there a plug-in or anything out there which will evaluate my two strokes and place extra anchors or add them in the correct places to ensure I will have a nice blend between to lines? This is for more complex "linotype" style illustrstions. Currently I'm stuck creating pretty basic stroke blends. Wondering if there is such a plug-in or method to better create the linotype style illustrations. Thanks!