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    Adobe DESTROYING peoples livelihoods

    courtneyw98665068 Level 1

      You people at Adobe should be ashamed and your company needs to be destroyed or broken up at the least. You are literally responsible for thousands (if not more) people all around the world loosing business and money because you see fit to release broken buggy software & expect your paying professional customers to waste their time being beta testers for your trash wares! Just as with any other company that dominates an industry the monopolistic business practices make the customers suffer, you business tactics are disgusting and I pray your company will eventually be liable for every lost cent of productivity caused by renting us broken pieces of ****. 


      I have state of the art Mac Pro with 64GB of RAM and still doing to most basic of work in illustrator causes my machine to run at a crawl, not to mention the ever present Spyware / bloatware Creative cloud chewing through my resources even when im not using your crappy software..This **** wont fly much longer.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          These are user Fora, so you are not really addressing Adobe here, even though some Adobe employees thankfully have been dropping by. (edited)

          And. while I sympathise with the frustration and agree that some annoying bugs seem to have been introduced with CC 2019 I think your argument lacks merit – you are free to continue using older CC versions and there are alternatives to Adobe Illustrator.