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    Dreamweaver 2014 for Mac: Insert <br /> in HTML5 in code and design view

    mistershortcut Level 1



      I switched from XHTML to HTML5.

      In the design view the tag <br> is inserted, in the code view <br />.


      I like to get a <br /> in the design view too.


      I use macOS Mojave.


      I found https://alistapart.com/article/dreamweaver  with the hint, to edit a configuration file.


      /Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014/Configuration/Objects/Characters/Line Break.htm


      But editing that file as described in the article had no effect.


      How can solve the problem please?



      I like to modify the new empty file, which appears, when you press CMD+N.


      Which config file do I have to edit please?


      I like to get a file "unnamed-1.php" with some code in the head, I prefer.




      Which config file do I have to edit, when I want to change the behaviour of CMD+SHIFT+SPACE?


      Standard is:  & n b s p ; (spaces only for this forum posting)
      I wish to get the unicode character " "


      Thanks for your help