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    'Export media' dialogue fails and Premiere doesn't see my HDDs


      I try to export my video file as usual. When Premiere opens the Export dialogue all seems to be as usual, BUT I can't see my internal HDDs through this window... though I still see my 2 external HDDs and they still work. Since then the application seems to be frozen but I can just close the window and start all again , but the result is the same. Only reboot solves this problem... but it's not the end of the story

      If I just leave Premiere opened for about 5 minutes or switch to another app for a few minutes, when I come back - it's frozen! Wherever I put the playhead it's stuck, no playback...like if media would still pending. Any sequence - no playback.

      And since I quite familiar to computers, I could suggest that my HDDs sleep or parked, BUT they don't))) I still can operate them through Windows.





      Windows 10, Adobe CC 2018 (updated)