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    tags lezen op mac




      ik bewerk mijn foto's in lightroom op een windows pc .

      hier voeg ik ook mijn tags toe .

      en zou deze ook willen lezen op mijn Mac book alleen lukt dit niet ?

      heeft iemand een oplossing ?


      bijvoorbaat dank


      joop .

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          davidg36166309 Level 4

          So, you edit the image in Lightroom on your Windows computer.

          You add tags to the image in Lightroom.


          Next, how are you looking at that image on your MAC?

          Are you looking at a copy of the image file. the file you just edited?

          Or, are you looking at an export of that image file?


          Are you looking at the image on the MAC using Finder, Photo? some other app?

          Or, have you copied your entire catalog and images from the Windows PC and are running a second copy of Lightroom on the MAC?

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            joopk12481537 Level 1

            thank for the answer .

            i.am working with an ext drive on windows and later i connect the drive to my mac .

            and then i use finder to look en try to use tags to seek for tags .

            i don't copy the catalog .

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              davidg36166309 Level 4

              Ok, so the edits you accomplish in Lightroom are non destructive. this includes metadata edits. Not sure what metadata you are editing (tags?) but that data does not get written into the image file. That data is in the Lightroom catalog (a database) for use in Lightroom to go with that image file.


              This is true for develop edits, library metadata edits, keywords, labels, flags, etc.


              Now, if you turn on Automatic write changes into xmp (in the catalog settings for metadata) a sidecar file gets written, that can provide that info to external programs that are xmp capable. I have no idea if finder is, but this is off by default.


              Be aware, that if you are editing DNG files, and Automatically write changes into xmp, then that data is written into the DNG (if it is a DNG created via LR)


              So, normally, that image file, contains no info about any changes you accomplish in LR. And any changes you did in LR will not show up.


              Now, if on the other hand you export a file,and do not tell LR to strip any metadata (look down towards the bottom of the export dialog), then those edits should get baked into the new file.


              To experiment, select a image that you imported from your camera, be it RAW or JPEG. Go into the develop module, realy really up the exposure, make it ugly. Minimize LR, bring up fider, navigate to the image, see what you get. Oh, and notice the modified date, probably no change.