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    Black magic RAW (.braw)

    AndreySNK Level 1

      It's not funny. On September 14, BlackmagicDesign published a .braw format. September 21, they posted the SDK. On November 14, they posted updates and made braw player.

      • Scratch Play Pro since September 16 support .braw
      • On October 19, Lightworks began supporting codec.
      • Even for Nuke there is a plugin for reading files.



      It has been 76 days since the SDK open access release.


      What did Adobe do? Nothing!


      And you know, work in a davinchi is not so bad. Especially if you don’t like constant roundtrips.
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          carolinesears Adobe Employee

          Hi there, AndreySNK!

          This is a really common request and we understand the importance of supporting BRAW footage! I'm not sure about the inner workings of the engineering team and I don't know exactly what they're working on at the moment, but I know that they check this page below to see what users want/need! You can see from the link that BRAW support is at the top of the list, which leads me to believe that they'll get to it as soon as they can.

          Premiere Pro: Hot (3464 ideas) – Adobe video & audio apps


          Please look through all the suggestions and vote for which ones would best benefit you!


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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            they posted updates and made braw player.


            In fairness to Adobe, even BMD hasn't made the Windows version of the BRAW player yet (which is the only version that really matters ).


            New tech doesn't happen overnight.

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              BrandedChannels Adobe Community Professional

              It took Adobe a few releases to support the Canon Light raw codec as well, which was first introduced with the release of their C200.


              Tech sometimes takes time and you cannot fault Adobe because it probably is the most codec agnostic piece of software in the entire industry!


              Meanwhile, please figure out a way to use an intermediate codec. I'm positive that some future release soon will support this!