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    how to specify a memo type field in xtkquerydef

    priyankav25102322 Level 1

      i want to select mdata type of field eg visualState in xtk:workflow, how to specify this attribute in querydef call



      var query = xtk.queryDef.create(

      <queryDef schema={schemaName} operation="select" lineCount="1">


          <node expr="visualState" alias="@visualState"/>



          <condition expr={condition} />   




      is this correct or is there special syntax to select such elements.

      my javascript activity is hanging when i execute this query. it works fine when some simple attribute or element is specified for selection.

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          Jean-Serge Biron Experience Cloud MVP

          Hi Priyanka,


          Your syntax is correct, but you were unlucky with your test.
          If you replace visualState by the other memo (mdata) field in xtk:workflow, called data, it works fine:

          <node expr="data" alias="@data"/>


          For me as well the workflow hangs when I use;
          <node expr="visualState" alias="@visualState"/>


          It seems the binary data (an image) can't be manage by a standard queryDef, probably you must use buffer manipulation to manage image.