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    Anchoring photos inside a text frame

    mos10279273 Level 1

      How do I anchor photos inside text frames, so that edits to the text will flow but the photos will stay on the same page they are currently on, in the same location? At present I have them anchored to the text (done by dragging the blue box) but that is not working well.

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          Randy Hagan Adobe Community Professional

          This is pretty easy ...


          1) Get your Arrow/Selection Tool and select the graphic. When you do this correctly, you'll see the eight anchor points (4 corner dots and 4 in the center of the lines between them).


          2) Select Edit>Cut menu command (keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+X, depending on whether you're on a Mac or Windows platform).


          3) With the Arrow/Selection Tool still selected, choose the Edit>Paste menu command (Cmd/Ctrl+V). This places the graphic independent of the text. Arrange/adjust as you need it, and it will stay on the page until you move it independently of the text.

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            Jeff Witchel, ACI Adobe Community Professional

            An Anchored Object is literally anchored to an insert point in your text. If you add or delete text, your Anchored Object will move with the flow of the text, maintaining the same distance from the point it has been anchored.


            At times, Anchored Objects can be difficult to deal with, especially when they reach the bottom of your Text Frame.


            The best advice I can give you, if you don't want the Photo to move, don't make that one photo an Anchored Object.