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    Using exiff data to tagging images at photographer before load in DAM

    Morten_Thuesen Level 1

      Hi AEM Community :-)


      I have a case, that I hope some of you can help me answer.


      In our organization we are using AEM as a DAM, and we wish to have photographers deliver images for this.


      As we are talking a quiet large amount of images we are not keen on tagging the images manually afterwards with metadata. So we are considering other approaches. E.g. ask the photographers to add some exif metadata to each image in accordance with our metadata-schema, so that the relevant metadata would find the right place, when the image were loaded into our DAM.


      Is this exif-metadata possible? And if yes - what should we require in relation to the exif-data, so that it can match our customized metadata-schema?


      If the exif-metadata approach isn't best practice, I would love to hear about other suggestions, so we start this journey the best way possible.


      Best regards,