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    "Browse in Adobe Bridge CC 2019" Consistent Windows Context Menu Crash, Forces Software Rendering

    Gary.Voth Level 1


      Attempting to open a folder of images in Adobe Bridge from the Windows 10 right-click context menu in File Explorer causes an immediate GPU rendering crash. Bridge displays a message that it is unable to use the GPU, and that software rendering has been enabled instead, and that I should update my GPU drivers. Sometimes Bridge hangs here, sometimes it can be restarted successfully. Upon relaunch, the Essentials workspace is hosed and must be reset from the menu. Software rendering is forced until a system restart.


      Affected software versions:

      • Adobe Bridge CC 2019 version x64 (and earlier)
      • Windows 10 x64 version 1809 build 17763.168 (and earlier)


      Testing notes and observations:

      I have found this behavior to be consistent across 3 separate systems: Surface Book 1, Surface Pro 3, and a custom-built Intel desktop PC with an NVidia GTX1080 GPU. This behavior has not varied since Bridge CC 2019 was released, and has remained consistent across all recent patches and updates to Bridge, Windows 10, and my Intel and NVidia graphics drivers.  Important: When launching Bridge stand-alone from the Start menu, this issue doesn't happen. It seems to be triggered only when using the "Browse in Adobe Bridge CC 2019" context menu.


      Initial analysis:

      I believe the GPU message to be spurious.  All my PCs are running the latest builds of everything, including GPU drivers (Intel, nVidia). Updating GPU drivers has not resolved this, and as mentioned, this does not occur when Bridge is started normally. It appears to me that somewhere in the Bridge startup process a different path is being taken when Bridge is opened via the context menu rather than opened "normally" which is causing the OpenGL library initialization to fail.


      Other thoughts:

      I've waited a couple of months to report this, assuming it would be caught and fixed quickly, but at this point I have to call it to your attention. It is seriously impacting my workflow when using Adobe product. Please help.


      Thank you.