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    Lightroom cc new Ipad pro 11"

    gailr28921634 Level 1

      i downloaded Lightroom cc and photoshop on my new Ipad pro 11" and need help using it.  Never had an ipad.  It is different from my desktop.  The first thing I wanted to do was batch label some photos and after 2 hours of searching the internet and trying to figure it out I'm lost.  Apple won't help since it's not their program/app.

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately you can't batch label photos in LR Mobile. You can add Title, Caption or Keyword, but only one at a time. You can also add stars and pick flags one at a time. But, you can't add color labels at all.


          LR CC Mobile is a long way from having the power of LR CC Classic (Desktop). If you're a power user, you might prefer working with Classic on the Desktop and just using the mobile devices for capture and edit.



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            gailr28921634 Level 1

            Thank you for answering. That’s very disappointing since One of the reason I bought The iPad was to label and the sword pictures when I get home using my desktop mac

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              gailr28921634 Level 1

              PS:  Any chance this is something Adobe is planning for future updates?



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                gailr28921634 Level 1

                Hi again


                Maybe you can answer another question.  I also can't figure out how to save the photos as jpegs either on the ipad (in a folder?) or in the cloud?  And also I can't find the "edit in photoshop" link.  Are these also not on LR mobile?

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                  Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

                  Sure, I’ll tackle the “Save” question first.


                  You can save in two ways, depending upon whether you’re viewing a single image or a grid. If a single image, (1) tap the “Share” icon, then (2) choose “Save to Camera Roll.” Note that you can also choose “Save to Files.” You’ll get a choice of whether to save small (2048 pixels largest edge) or maximum available.




                  If youre viewing the grid, you can select multiple imagesto save at once. To do this, (1) tap the three dots to bring up the menu, then (2) tap Select... then (3) tap your images to select, and (4) tap the Share icon to choose Camera Roll or Files.






                  Note that if you choose “Save to Files,” what you see depends on what you may have configured:




                  I’ll address “Edit in Photoshop” in my next post.



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                    Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

                    For “Edit in Photoshop,” at this point, there are some compromises to be made. First of all, there is no Photoshop on the iPad - yet. Adobe did announce this at MAX this year, and said it would be coming next year. I hope to see more full integration with LR Mobile at that time.


                    For now, we have three different partial Photoshop programs:


                    1. Photoshop Fix

                    2. Photoshop Mix

                    3. Photoshop Express


                    Of the three, only Photoshop Fix has full round-trip integration, and then only with a limited set of options. You can send to all three, but have to manually export back to the Camera Roll and import Lightroom in all other cases.


                    When you’re editing an image, tap the “Share” icon, and choose “Edit In”




                    Next, you choose whether to create a small 2048 pixel copy, or use the maximum available size:



                    Then, you have two round trip options as shown here:




                    In this example, I’ve chosen Healing, and over in Photoshop Fix I have the ability to save the image and send it back to Lightroom. It will be imported but it will be a copy (there’s no “Edit Original” in this workflow:




                    Finally, what if you want to edit in one of the other programs, or have full access to all of the features of Photoshop Fix? Instead of choosing “Edit In,” choose “Open In.” You’ll get the standard iOS sharing menu where you can choose any programs you’ve configured. This sends a copy, but there’s no round trip. Once youre done editing, export back to the Camera Roll and Import back to Lightroom:




                    As I said, I personally hope for a full integration when Photoshop for iPad is released.

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