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    Scaling a pattern design not a swatch

    badbirdstudio Level 1

      I’m trying to adjust the scale of my pattern design. It is on an artboard 10 x 13 inches. I’d like to reduce it about 70%. I have tried selecting all the icons and the background and make a clipping mask around them. Then reducing scale with both transform and free transform ( trying each method) to a quarter the size of the artboard then making 4 tiles that fit together. While that works, the file then becomes too large to see the preview or make a swatch. I need to keep all the layers in tact for future editing, so just making a swatch doesn’t accomplish that. If I could make a swatch with my layers intact, that would solve everything. I don’t know how to rescale a pattern design (not swatch) without redesigning it from scratch. Can anyone help? Thanks very much!