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    Choppy playback problem

    Space_Station_X Level 1



      I have some 4k and 1080 footage that I wanted to edit, because most of the clips are 1080 I decided to set that as my composition setting and then just scale the 4k down to fit in 1080, When I'm trying to play back the footage it is extremely choppy and I am unable to work with it properly. Even when I set it to 1/4 quality it's still horrible to play back. What is causing this? I'm sure my pc station is capable of playing this with no problem.


      Here you can see what it looks like when I try to play it:

      2018 12 06 19 36 44 - YouTube 



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What is your setup. What kind of hdd are you using for your footage?

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            AslanGeorge Level 1

            I have a similar problem.  Just started today.  Audio and video is "choppy".  As if every 1/4 second some frames were skipped.  Or maybe it's trying to compress it to play in a shorter time than original filmed?  I reset Premiere Pro to defaults (Alt-Windows while starting program) but that didn't fix anything.  This problem only occurs within Premiere Pro.  No problem when I upload the file to YTube or play back in VLC PLayer.  Any ideas what's going on?

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              Space_Station_X Level 1

              Threadripper 2950x, RTX 2070, 32GB 3200mhz ram and I tried the footage on a Samsung 960 EVO NVME

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                Anniejco Level 1

                Have you tried pre-rendering your timeline? Ive found that 4K footage is pretty hard for Premiere to playback even with 32GB of RAM but pre-rendering the timeline makes it move a lot smoother. You can do this by marking in and outs on your whole sequence or just the section you want to render, then going to the sequence tab on the top bar and selecting "Render Selection". If you make any changes you may have to rerender the area again if it's giving you trouble.

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                  Space_Station_X Level 1

                  If I pre-render the selection it does nothing, the footage still plays back just the way it does on the video above.

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                    Space_Station_X Level 1

                    I tried other clips and they work just fine... I tried opening it Davinci and it shows up as media offline confirming that it's something to do with those clips. After encoding it to a different format i works just fine in Premier. This means that I will have to encode around 50GB of footage What would be the best codec and format for encoding so that the quality stays the same, but so that the encoding time won't take ages?


                    EDIT: There is clearly something wrong with the footage as an encoding of a 2 minut clip to h.264 takes 25 minutes with my setup...

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                      cardo_gtr Level 1

                      I had this issue for ages, I found a way around it by using proxies. It's kind of alot to type but basically you change the ingest settings to copy and create proxies and then toggle the proxie settign in the editing window. After doing that i have never had an issue with playback and can edit in full resolution. Have a look on youtube for using proxies in adobe premier pro and the video of some jersey shore looking guy will come up.. thats what worked for me. thanks jersey shore dude.


                      Edit my new issues is i cant import video into premier pro without it crashing immediately.... thanks adobe.