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    Importing wrong image

    jdhill93 Level 1

      LR is failing to import DNG image 1 (selected and checked) and instead importing image 2 (not selected or checked and previously imported). Both images are in the same folder and and I am using the "add" function to leave them in this location and add them to the LR database. The filenames are different, but there is some chance that image 2 had the same filename before being changed after import. The source of the DNG images is a scanner which assigns filenames. This behavior is new, but I can't identify exactly when it started. The import function has been flaky for some time, primarily loading duplicates, but now I can't even get an image in.

      LR version is v 8.0 build 1193777 as part of the Adobe photo program. Running Win 10 Pro.

      Any thoughts?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          If you select the "wrong" image in the Library Module, and then go to the Develop Module, does the "right" image appear in the Develop Module?

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            jdhill93 Level 1

            The images are consistent between the library and develop modules. Image 1 never gets imported, but I can view it ok with other software such as Win Photos or Photoshop.

            Thanks for the thought.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              Please show us a screen shot of the Import dialog window with the folder selected that holds the image, or images, you want to import and specifically the one image you say LR won't import and have that image selected, checked.


              Then a screen shot of that folder in the library module and the Grid view in the main area.

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                davidg36166309 Level 4

                And if you add both?

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                  jdhill93 Level 1

                  Other matters diverted me from this issue, but I wanted to come back and close the loop. Thanks to those who tried to help.

                  The issue is related to the fact that my VueScan scanner software assigns a sequential filename that fills in any missing numbers. That means that after I rename "file number #1" to "textname A" in LR, the scanner assigns #1 as the filename of the next file.

                  Somehow, LR seems to remember the former file name #1 despite the changed name and imports the former file. So I began changing the file names in the OS before they get to LR and then things worked fine.

                  That does not solve the problem, but I have no more time to work on it. It may have something to do with saving metadata, but a filename seems more basic. Life goes on.

                  Again, thanks to all who suggested ideas.