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    color correction and changing look from two identical shots

    BombshellStudios Level 1

      I am at my wits end with this. Been fighting it for about three days now trying to figure out what the issue is.


      Enclosed are two shots of my timeline. These shots are literally the exact same shot and take from the camera just with some shots in-between from editing. #1 is how it is supposed to look and up until about three days ago everything looked like this. Then randomly - and I have added nothing to the files (actually been working on audio these last few days) - the image in various places started looking like #2.




      A) It seems to be random but eventually the whole timeline ends up like that.

      B) I've cleared caches. Deleted/reinstalled software. Turned off all Plugins. Reinstalled all plugins. Nothing seems to effect it.

      C) When I render before it all eventually looks like that it will render parts looking like #1 and like #2.


      I know this isn't going to remotely be enough info so I'll just start by saying what info can I give that can help us solve this?






      iMac Pro 10.14.1

      AE 16.0.0 bld 235

      Magic Bullet Suite 13