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    Help! My saved photos are all a bit blurry...so frustrated!

    kristinf821 Level 1

      Let me begin by saying I am not a hugely experienced photographer and only do photography for fun.  However, I do a lot of traveling and love doing photography as a hobby.  My problem seems to have started after I upgraded to Windows 10.  I edit a photo in Photoshop Elements, and the photo is completely crystal clear and gorgeous.  Then I save it.  I have tried saving it in all different ways: JPEG, PNG, for web devices, with different settings, and no matter how I save it, the final saved image always looks slightly blurry.  It's strange because the photo inside Elements looks crisp and gorgeous and I can go on the internet and see images AMAZINGLY clear and gorgeous.   However, I just can't save MY photos and have them remain clear.  It makes no sense to me.  It has to be a setting somewhere or something I'm doing wrong.  But I did not have this problem before I upgraded to Windows 10.  Two other points.  1. I am using raw files to begin.  However, I have always done this.  2. I have taken different files, raw or jpeg, imported them into my Elements and then saved them and they ALL save a bit blurry.  So beginning with raw is not a factor.  Another thing I found (because I wanted to add a screen shot to give you the example before saving so you could see the clarity beforehand) was that when I actually took a screen shot, it showed the same "blurry" result.  Even though the photo I'm physically looking at in Elements was crystal clear before saving.  So I am completely perplexed.  I'm not sure if it's a setting in my Elements, in my Windows 10, or what it is....I have searched and searched for an answer, but can't seem to find anything.  Thanks for any help anyone can give. 

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          Greg_S. Level 3

          Based on what you are saying, I'm guessing that it is just the thumbnail you are viewing that is unclear.  Are you viewing the "blurry" images in the Organizer?  If so, select the image and hit Ctrl+Shift+U.   This will update the thumbnail and it should now appear sharp.

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            kristinf821 Level 1

            I'm sorry! I should have been more clear as to my saving process.  I am saving to files on my computer. Then when I look at my photos, I open the computer file and use Windows Photo Viewer to view the photos.  HOWEVER, you got me to thinking... I had originally changed to Windows Photo Viewer quite a while ago and forgotten about it.  So I went back and changed back to the default "Photos" viewer for Windows 10 and this may have fixed my problem!  So THANK YOU for getting me to think in that direction!  I may have FINALLY figured out a solution to my problem!