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    Changing the position of an object @ a certain ComboBox value (HTML5 canvas)

    martijnv35880233 Level 1

      Hi all:),


      I'm trying to change the position of objectX to a certain coordinate after the user is using a ComboBox value. To do this I'm using the following code. The ComboBox is basically a dropdown with values from 1-10. Ive tried both if (value == 2)  and if (value == "2"), but this just does not seem to work. Anyone knows how to do this?


      Thanks very much in advance!

      The code:


      var _this = this;

      $('#dom_overlay_container').on('change', '#Touchpoint1_Dropdown', function() {


           var value = $('#Touchpoint1_Dropdown').val();

           if (value == 2) {

                this.objectX.x = 200;

                this.objectX.y = 100;