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    Captivate's lack of output options

      We have had major problems with the conversion of Captivate's SWF files in an effort to create an AVI from which to edit within Premiere Pro. We tried three differnet conversion software packages including SoThink. When we load the Flash file, these converters only see the first 150-180 (6 seconds) or so frames -- in our case the videos are thousand of frames in duration. Captivates playback is fine but there is something about their Flash creation or their instructions about how to export it that is lacking. You will note that there are several associated SWF files created. If you use the largest of the created SWF files, it plays back as expected within a web browser with full duration, but when you load that same file in a converter, only the first several seconds are recognized.
      What is unbelievable to us is why there is only a Flash output option. After all, Adobe is a video editing player ---don't these development groups consult among each other. Captivate is a powerful application. But not having multiple output formats is a MAJOR, and unforgivable design omission.
      By the way, don't try Flashants's SWF2 Video Plug in for Premiere that is supposed to allow you to import SWF files. It will crash Premiere. We tried several times.
      We have been tearing our hair out with this problem and will welcome any advice. Let's all appeal to Captivate to get output options!!!!!!