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    Exporting six Dolby tracks and two stereo tracks in one QT

    ahpremiere Level 1

      I have to deliver a quicktime of a full-length feature film for a streaming service. Their specs say that there needs to be 8 tracks of audio (L, R, C, Lfe, Ls, Rs, Stereo-Left, Stereo-Right.


      I see a lot of conflicting advice on how to do this... Can anyone point me to a definitive workflow here or elsewhere - or explain the proper workflow. The main points of disagreement seem to stem from the (somewhat) recent removal of Dolby from Premiere and the issue of having both stereo and dolby in one.


      I have six mono .wav files that my sound mixer gave me. I also have a stereo mixdown version in the form of two mono tracks, L and R. I have my locked picture video file in Premiere and as a ProRes export.


      Key questions (and please let me know anything else that I'm not asking but should be):


      1. When creating the new sequence, what do I choose in the Tracks tab: Master should be mono with 8 channels? Multichannel with 8? 5.1 but with 8 channels? Something else? How should I do the output assignments here?


      2. Do I need to pan these tracks - either in addition to the above or in lieu of the above? Is it just left / right panning? I see some screenshots online allowing for placement of a dot in various positions of grid... don't see that in my view.


      3. When I export, what settings do I need to check?