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    Return of the Bug

    grendelfilms Level 1

      When I updated to CC2019 I had several bugs that were plaguing the program. One of them was it would suspend and not close, making it necessary to open Task Manager and end it manually. I removed the Logitech Driver and DLL, sought out and eliminated some obsolete filters and all the issues cleared, and the program closed perfectly. Now, the closing issue is back. No obsolete filters in use, no Logitech webcam driver installed and it has only started in the last few days without any additional software or hardware.


      Very puzzled and frustrated.



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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Although I haven't had it happen in 2019, I have had it happen in earlier versions, both CS and CC. After a while, it always went back to normal without any known action by me.  Maybe it's kind of like catching a cold -- you have to wait it out.