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    HTTPService caching issue? (PL/SQL backend)

      Hi All,

      I'm working to create a RIA using Flex running on Oracle (mod_plsql + Apache). I am using Oracle's DBMS_XMLQuery library to retrieve data from the database and return it as a CLOB to HTP.P in XML format. This is working exceptionally well for our needs as installing an RIA server (such as WebORB) is out of the question.

      The issue I am having is that I should be having numerous places within the RIA wherein my HTTP Service calls are being "re-sent"; that is, literally, when the app initially loads and calls httpService.send() - the data loads fine. When I then call the same method later in the application, I can tell that the being retrieved is stale.

      Some of the examples of where I do this:
      1) on a timed refresh
      2) after an insert of new data
      3) on a manual click of a button

      In each case, I get valid messages that the resultHandlers for each httpService.send() are being performed. However, I can also validate that these calls are returning exactly the same data that was initially loaded.

      *However*, the second I manually call the URL (let's say, pkg_xml.get_xml?id=123) via a separate browser window and *then* manually refresh the Flex app (not Browser refresh, but one of the options above) the *new* data is then returned and all data grides and UI components are freshed with the new data set.

      I am using a combination of ArrayCollection and XMLList.

      At this point, I can't narrow down the issue as much as I'd like. I don't know if it is an Oracle session issue, an Apache caching problem, or if I need to tell Flex to disconnect() from the HTTPService and then re-connect each time.

      I'd love to get your feedback and I hope that others out there integrating Flex with Oracle/PL/SQL can chime in.