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    flash files won't work in IE preview

      I'm working in CS3 on a Mac running Leopard. The flash movies work fine in "preview in browser>safari" They also work fine on the actual web from Internet explorer. However, when I try to "preiview in browser > internet explorer" I get an error message about flash not being supported. The rest of the site looks fine but all the flash movies are blank. I use Safari as my web browser for other things and have IE 5.2 in my applications folder just for previewing in DreamWeaver. IE 5.2 seems to work fine as a web browser in leopard, although I haven't tested other flash movies from the web--guessing they won't work. Any tips? I'm willing to download/purchase a newer IE but don't want to pay for the whole office 2008 for mac. I only need it for previewing my DW.