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    Clips turned solid green after trying to export.

    mantani Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      Premiere Pro CC v 13.0.1


      I have been editing a project with Sony A7iii 4k clips (MP4) in premiere and when I tried to go and export a rough edit of the intro, it exported a solid green video. Once this happened I went back into my project and looked at the clips in the source monitor, and they are now showing up green, but they do have audio. Since then, they are also showing up as solid green even in finder! This was absolutely not the case before I started editing, and didn't even show it's head until I attempted to export.PP green clips.pngFinder green clips.png

      Clip info.png


      Has anyone else ever seen this issue before? I am using proxys to edit the 4K clips, but I have also tried just deleting those completely and that did not change anything... I havent found anyone else with this question recently, I just found something from 2013, but it was unanswered. Maybe this is a Sony issue? But I cant find anything on that either. Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks in advance!