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    InDesign: Adjusting 'space after' for only last line of bulleted list (using paragraph style)

    kristenc72354486 Level 1

      I have created a paragraph style for a bullet list. However, I want the "space after" amount for the last bullet in the list to be different by default than the "space after" amount for the rest of the bullets within the list. For instance, in a list of five items, I want bullets 1-4 to have a space after of "0.0625 in," but for the fifth (and final) bullet in the list, I want it to be "0.1389 in."


      I've set the "space after" in my paragraph style to "0.0625 in" -- but I don't want to have to manually go back to every list to change the final line to the greater spacing I desire. Is there a way to customize a paragraph style in such a way?