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    Imported using CC 2015.14. Now what??

    Moe52 Level 1



      I read that the right way to import my Mac Aperture library was with the import plug-in that is part of the desktop Lightroom. So I did. It took days.


      But now I realize that I had TWO desktop versions -- the old Lightroom 2015.14 (which is what I used) and the newer Lightroom Classic 8.0 (which I think I should have used).


      Q1: Should I toss out the library and redo this from scratch using 8.0? Does import using 8.0 do anything that the 2015.14 import does not? (Happily, I have not done anything with the library so redoing the import is merely inconvenient.)


      Q2: If the import I did is fine, I presume next step is to make 8.0 use the library -- how do I do that?


      Q3: If I do have to repeat the import, would like some tips -- the import I did previously ran slower and slower and slower and I want to do what I can to help it perform. I have lots of disk space, if that matters.