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    Please help with catalog question, and using 2 computers


      Hello, I have been searching for the answer to this all day, to no avail.  Can anyone tell me if this can be done, and if so, how?


      Computer 1:  Desktop, Windows 10, Lightroom 5, this computer is not connected to internet.  I am not using adobe cloud or dropbox etc.  I have one catalog, with all images located on external drives connected to this desktop.  There are 10's of thousands of images on these drives and in this catalog.  They are stored in folders such as this:




      >>>2010-1-10-(folder contains images shot this date)









      Up until this point all of my editing in LR was done on this desktop.


      Computer 2: Laptop, windows 10,

      Llightroom 5 just installed.  I have no original images on this laptop, therefore no images in Lightroom, or in a catalog.



      Here is my question:  Can I export a group of folders as a catalog ( for instance all subfolders within 2010) from my desktop, including the metadata and previews-but not the originals-and import that catalog into LR on the laptop.  Will I be able to view the previews and edit them?  I am trying to sort the images and rank them only.

      Once I finish ranking the images, can I then export the catalog from the laptop and import to LR on my desktop, merging the 2 catalogs?  In doing so, the images (previews) that I ranked on the laptop will replace the previous settings in the original desktop catalog?  My goal is to give the rejects a single star while working on the laptop, then once the desktop is updated with the changes made on the laptop, I can delete the one star labeled images (the originals) from my hard drive.  Then repeat the process with another folder such as 2011, continuing to work in 'small' batches.


      Is this workflow possible, and if so, can you please help this geezer with some specific instructions? 
      Thank you all very much!


      Edit:   If this is possible, and I export a group of 4 folders to work on the laptop, then when I bring that catalog file back to the desktop will only the 4 folders be updated, with the original edits of my other folders intact?  I don't want to lose edits that I've done over the years.