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    LR Classic: photo looks great while loading spinner is displayed, then suddenly noisy

    donb52979168 Level 1

      I'm taking shots in a pretty dark place and expect some noise with my inexpensive Olympus E-M10.II and kit lens at ISO 3200. When I process pics in LR, often as they are loading, and the image has appeared, and the loading spinner is going, the shot looks pretty good in the Develop window. When the loading spinner goes away, suddenly there is a bunch of noise that wasn't there before. Below are two pics to illustrate. The first is what I see when the loading spinner is about to appear (it's not shown in this picture, but it's a half-second from appearing.) The skin is smooth and the top of the cello is clear. The second shot is what I see when it's finished loading. Noise galore. Check the skin and the top of the cello. What's LR doing that it seems to have a good "loading" shot but when it's done there's noise? I have dozens of pictures from a string concert last night that have exhibited this issue when I'm loading them. (I have an older laptop, so loading a bit of time for me.)







      Thanks for helping.