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    Multi-cam playback with proxies not working

    alexthehamlin Level 1



      I spent all night creating proxies for my video clips to be able to edit in multi-cam on my MacBook Pro. There are seven camera angles, all originally shot at 1080. I was able to edit with some difficulty in that resolution, but thought that a proxy workflow would solve my playback issues. So, I created proxy files using the presets available in Premiere: 1024x540 Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy).


      However, once they were ready and I enabled the proxies, playback has not been improved at all. In fact, it seems to be playing back WORSE than before. I double-checked that the clips are in fact linked to the proxy files. I've looked at the proxy files and they are at the expected resolution and smaller file size. I've edited multi-cam using proxies on this same laptop before without difficulty. What did I do wrong??