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    InDesign won't launch, crashes on "Starting Panels"

    Raymarts Level 1



      I've installed a trial version of 2018 lately and it's working properly and i heard there are new updates "CC 2019" so it comes to my attention to update the trial version so I did.


      After that i launch the indesign cc 2019 and it launches until "starting panels" I've done some troubleshooting

      Reinstalling indesign 2019

      Going back to indesign 2018

      Run windows troubleshooting

      and even I'VE RESET MY LAPTOP


      My laptop specification

      Windows 10 64bit

      6gb Ram

      1920 display


      btw all trial version of Photoshop, illustrator, after effects, lightroom, ppremiere rush and premiere pro are working properly just indesign won't work upder it has been updated