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    How does Flex 3 handle Pagination

      Ok I can limit the number of rows returned from a db, but how to rep this in Flex. Say the DB has 100 rows, I limit the number returned to 25,

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          ntsiii Level 3
          You need to do this on the server.

          Retireve and display some number of records, say 100.

          When the user scrolls near the 100the record, ask the server for records 100-200. append those records to your local data model.

          When the user gets near the 200th record, ask for 2--300, etc.

          LCDS and I think, BlazeDS can help with this.


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            jlopes151 Level 1

            Thanks for the help. Since you are the only person to respond to my question this must either not be an interesting or common thing to do. There must not be a way to do what I want at the .swf level. I wanted to do some thing similar to this forums way of Prevous/Next pageing a set of rows.