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    Pop up image?

      Hello every one,
      can any one here tell me how this this effect has been achieved hin this Gallery ? ( http://www.goldbunny.com.au/)
      Im tryin to create this effect for my own gallery.
      Also is this action script 1,2 or 3 ? im still learnnig all of this, and im really curiouse to how this was done.

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          robin1232 Level 1
          requested url was not found on this server, but if you want to learn something some1 used on the internet do this (if your using Iexplorer)
          1. go to extra
          2. go to internet options
          3. at the browse history tab click the right button
          4. then, click show files it will show every file you have watched on the internet for a few weeks
          5. copy/paste it to wherever you want it
          6. import it to flash
          *note: this might not always work cuz the files are secured with a password or other things
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            please correct your link - it includes "/)"
            You can do this effect in any version of ActionScript, but I suggest you to start with 3.0 if you plan to make big projects in the future.