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    Can't tell what's in TOC in RH7

      In RH5, when you viewed the topic list, the icon for any file that was in the TOC was colored blue. In RH7, they're not colored blue. Is there a way to enable this as an option? We really depend upon this feature and need it back!! Thanks.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi brenwine

          Sorry, this is a feature that was lost along the way. Not sure why. Perhaps it has to do with the fact you may use multiple Tables of Contents in version 7.

          There is no hidden switch that will enable it.

          Cheers... Rick
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            lmarden Level 2
            of course, you can still click on the TOC column heading to sort the topics list by TOC Yes then TOC No topics (or the reverse), so you can still easily see which topics are and are not part of the TOC. Just no pretty colors.
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              AdamXT2 Level 1
              I haven't had to do this yet in RH7, but I see what you mean...none of the topics in the Topic List are coloured.

              But there is another way to see which topics are in the TOC (and Index too). With the Topic List open, choose View > Topic List Details. This show's the topics in detail view, with columns for TOC & Index displaying "Yes" or "No" for each topic.

              In this detailed view you can quickly see which topics are added to TOCs and Indexes. If you click on the TOC or Index column head it will sort the topics according to their TOC or Index status.
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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                Or use the TOC report.
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                  TA Andy Level 1

                  Hopefully it's never too late to reply to a post...


                  This may be obvious, but it hadn't occurred to me.
                  I was looking for a reporting tool to give me all topics not in the TOC, and couldn't find such a thing.

                  However using Imarden's suggestion above, once you have sorted the topic list by TOC column, you can multi select all topics with TOC=N, and then right click and choose Properties to set all of their their statuses to, say "Sent For Review".


                  Then in the Create PDF For Review tool, you can select status = "Sent For Review" and hey presto, you have a PDF of all topics not in your TOC.