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      I am new to Fireworks CS3 and asked myself what are the benefits off Fireworks compared to other design programms like photoshop or illustrator. As far as I can see there's one main benefit; the use of pages. But what are the real advantages of fireworks if you can't proper use the produced html and CSS? Fireworks helps me to export a page ,parts of a page (image) to Dreamweaver CS3 and accompanied with html and css.
      I have read the article about smart css and installed the extionsion.
      I would like to get html and css accompanied wit the exported file but,

      1 if I export an image with a slice to CSS layers, can I get it with absolute positioning?
      2 if I export to html and images,
      I think the generated html and css files are of no great use. The code of a website concists of much more code than you can visualy capture. And also is it possible to export the text boxes in fireworks?
      And finally is it possible to generate a fully operational site?