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    Export connections

      I look after, and am administrator for, about 15 medical websites who in turn use Contribute (as publishers) to keep their websites updated.

      I've recently bought a new PC so need to move over my Contribute settings.

      I re-installed my copy of Contribute 3 (packaged with Studio 8) and no longer have all my website connection details (as I would have expected).

      Can anyone tell me where the website connection files are stored (or if there is an export option) so I can copy across from the old to the new machine.
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          Users and Roles settings are stored on the server.
          Sites are on your PC:
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            webAdore Level 1
            Thanks very much for the advice.  I copied : C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Contribute 3 from my old PC to my new PC.

            I'm the only user so this folder only exists under my [username].

            When I run Contribute 3 now it still picks up the test site I added before copying my old folder across and non of the old sites.  The Sites sub-folder definately has all the old site folders there so wonder if there is somewhere else Contribute stores the connection details (an .ini file perhaps?).

            Any advice would be appreciated.
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              ThinkInk Level 2
              I was not complete in my last post. Other site details are also stored on the server, so I think you will have to delete the test-connection so it does not overwrite one of your sites. \
              As you noticed the sites are named site1, site2, etc. on your computer, and I think Contribute has a conflict now because your test site is called site1 and one of your transferred sites also.
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                webAdore Level 1
                Thanks. I deleted the test site, removed the Contribute 3 folder from the new server then moved over the Contribute 3 folder (with all my sites) over from the old PC.

                Now all I get is 'create a connection'.

                One thing I did notice (before I removed the test site) is if you remove the Contribute 3 folder it is then re-built (complete with the test site) by Contribute as soon as you run Contribute (I noticed this while I had Windows Explorer open at the same time).

                This makes me think that Contribute is saving the site details elsewhere on the PC as it must be getting the re-build info from somewhere?

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                  webAdore Level 1
                  Thanks again - really appreciated.

                  I uninstalled Contribute 3

                  Deleted the Contribute 3 Registy Folders in HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

                  Installed Contribute 3

                  Deleted the 3 Folders under Contribute 3 in the Local Settings Path

                  Copied the 3 Folders from the old machine

                  Ran Contribute 3 and there we no sites set up. I have Site1, Site2 etc in Sites folder so think that's about all I can do.

                  I'll set up the sites again manually and send the users new keys (which I suppose I'll need to do).

                  Shame there isn't an export facility. Lots of people must have this problem when they install new servers.

                  Cheers anyway.


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                    ThinkInk Level 2
                    I must agree with you on this. It would be nice to have clear export settings, both to backup the website self and all its content, and the users and roles settings. I'm using CS3.

                    What I usually do is to create admin connection keys to all my sites as a backup, this way I can allways reconnected with a double click action, if something goes wrong. I also keep all connections keys for all the users of the sites. At a reinstall, I just reconnect using these connection keys. My experience is that the sites will be recreated and appear on my PC in the order that I reconnect with the connection keys (site1 for the first, etc.)
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                      webAdore Level 1
                      Hi there. I made Admin keys and copied them to the new machine then imported them all. All is now back to normal.

                      Many thanks for your help.