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    Publishing to an FTP Site

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      I use RX7 to develop a Website which is published to an FTP Site. For some reason, when I update and publish a single topic, the headers and footers no longer appear on the updated topic. Since the headers and footers are controlled by the template, do I need to re-publish the template and publish the updated topic. I would like to avoid re-publishing the entire site when the updates are minor.

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          I have a sneaking suspicion that your version of "update and publish a single topic" is outside the norm (that is, perhaps a little RH and a little WinExplorer). In case you're unaware, a new generation of WebHelp output involves more than the update of a single topic.

          From within RH:
          1. Update the topic.
          2. Generate the complete output to a location on your local machine.
          3. Publish only the changed files (the Publish feature copies new/changed files from your local machine to a designated server, usually on a network).

          Note, in the dialog box, the list of files that RH says it has published to the server. Any of these functions attempted outside the purview of RH will elicit no joy.

          Good luck,