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      I am using a vstack. I would like to load an image from an xml file from clicking a vstack button.
      Is this possible?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Assuming I understand the question, yes, it is possible.

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            ralph31 Level 1
            I am loading an xml file

            <mx:XML id="xml" source="QProbs1a.xml" />

            I am putting a button on each of the tabbed screens

            <mx:Button label="Problem "
            click="image.source = xml.start

            .Prob[0].image[0].@source;" />
            <mx:Image id="image" />

            There is a link on the tabs that gets the screens. This is an example with tabbed, but it is the same with vstack. I would like the user to click the tab or button and have the image put on the screen. I did get this to kind of work, but one of the screen has just text on it. And when put it in the tabs for the images they don't work.