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    audio in .swf file will play on Mac, not on PC ...

      here is another one i need help with.

      I have a .swf file on the stage. when you press the space bar, or press a button on the .swf, audio plays. This works perfectly on a Mac. On a PC, the .swf file annimates as it is supposed to, but there is no audio. When i open the .swf file in internet explorer on a PC, it works as it is supposed to, so its not a problem with my speakers or anything.

      Thoughts? ... why would the audio in flash member play on a Mac and not a PC? ... am I missing a setting somewhere?

      thanks a million in advance!

      And, in case it matters, this is being deloped with director MX 2004, Mac 0S 10.5, PC running windows XP.