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    Media Encoding Proxies - TAKING FOREVER!  


      Hey everyone!

      First time to the forums as I'm a new Premiere Pro user, although not new to editing or NLE's.


      I have come mainly from FCP7 and FCPX then to PP CC 2019. My issue is with creating proxies and the time it is taking, I'll list all specs of my machine, files types and whatever else I can below.


      iMac (Retina 5K, 27" 2017

      Processor 3.5

      40GB 2400 Mhz DDR4

      Startup Disk Mactintosh HD

      Graphics Radeon Pro 575 4096mb


      The original files I am encoding:


      Screenshot 2018-12-13 08.41.57.png


      I am ingesting using:


      Format - QuickTime

      Preset: GoPro Cineform 1024 x 540.


      Original files stored on a Lacie HDD and encoding proxies WERE originally going back to the same drive, but I was advised this would be bottle necking the process so I have sent them temporarily to my iMac's Fusion drive. This has sped things up but still VERY slow.


      Total file size for encoding is 750GB, so yes I don't expect it to be lightening but its been at least two days and I'm not even half way!


      Is this just down to my iMac not being up for the task?


      Or something else?


      I look forward to any guidance!


      Thanks in advance.